Star-of-Cianjhen Bike Bridge is the second cyclist bridge in Kaohsiung, which across Zhongshan and Kaixuan Roads with an accompanying tree lined pedestrian bridge constructed in October 2011 and finished in April 2013.

This project is located in an important position. It is a node of three bike paths including Formosa Boulevard Bike Path, West Side Harbor Line Bike Path, Cianjhen River Bike Path. However, Zhongshan and Kaixuan Roads are two main roads that link to Kaohsiung harbor and downtown. We can see a lot of truck, car, and motorcycle crowded on the road. Every biker and pedestrian are always exposed to the dangerous. Further, the bike paths are also cut off by these two main roads. The system of bicycle and pedestrian should be re-planned and re-connected. Considering the safety of all citizens, all ramps slope were less than 8% to meet the bicycles and accessibility ramps standards. Thus the accessible elevators and accessibility handrails were designed, so that all citizens can enjoy in this wonderful urban space.

It provides a friendly environment for cyclist and pedestrians, and also solves the problems of the connection between metro station R6 and community.

In 2010, Kaohsiung was featured by CNN as being one of the top cycling cities in Asia, and Star-of-Cianjhen Bike Bridge also obtained several praises in Taiwan. After completion of the project, it will provide the safe, comfortable cycling environment and complete the cyclist network in Kaohsiung.