The Weiwuyin Metropolitan Park’s
  Position in History

History & Positioning

Past, Present, Future of the Weiwuyin Metropolitan Park

Military use for nearly a century(view the full size image in the new window)

Military use for nearly a century

In the last years of the Qing dynasty, the Fongshan, Kaohsiung area was already an important military place. In the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese viewed Kaohsiung as a basis for developing the south and started to deploy troops and set up warehouses here. The “Fongshan Warehouse” was a predecessor to the Weiwuyin Camp.

The Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) government continued the military purpose of the camp till 1979, when the Military Council ruled that the camp was no longer suitable for military purposes. After that, units in the camp started to be merged or evacuated.

A green dream finally came true!(view the full size image in the new window)

A green dream for all finally realized

Though the camp was demilitarized, no consensus about Weiwuyin’s development was reached. In March 1992, a public hearing entitled “Whether Weiwuying should serve as a college or park?” was held. At that time, a group of people who advocated environmental protection and arts established a “Council for Promoting Weiwuying Metropolitan Park” and began to lobby for setting up a natural and ecological metropolitan park. After more than 10 years of discussions and effort, a direction was thus settled and a green dream of years for the south finally came true!

A “green lung” for the greater Kaohsiung area(view the full size image in the new window)

The park opens in 2010

After more than 20 years of effort by civil groups and all circles, Weiwuying finally became a green and flourishing metropolitan park in 2010. The park will become a “green lung” for the greater Kaohsiung area and will also feature culture, art, education, tourism, etc. By focusing on natural ecology, health & leisure, culture and art, the park will inject the Loho spirit into the metropolitan area!

Mark and design

The make of The Weiwuying Metropolitan ParkThe Weiwuying Metropolitan Park takes its first alphabet “W” as its main mark. The mysterious, off-limits military area used to be encircled by high walls and wire fence.

Now it is home to green leaves and ivies. Flowers have bloomed and birds have flied over here. This metropolitan is full of happiness and greenness. All is live and kicking!

In an ingenious transformation and styling in elegant curves, In remembering history and exploring the content of hope, The mark itself has witnessed Weiwuying’s past, present, and future.


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