Mangrove Wetlands Recovery Zone
Kaohsiung’s estuaries were once covered with the most extensive mangrove forest in Taiwan and were homes to 6 species of mangroves. However, with dense urban development came the disappearance of a lot of wetlands and the extinction of 2 species of mangrove. In an attempt to restore the vitality of the wetlands, the Kaohsiung City government has been actively working on the restoration of mangroves in Jhongdou Wetlands Park. It has thus far successfully
restored the population of white-flowered black mangrove, Kandelia obovata Sheue and gray
mangrove, and it is still attempting to recover other mangrove species to perfect the ecological
All waterways in the Park are inhabited by recovered mangroves.
The three suspension bridges on the west side connect respectively to the visitor service center, the Central Ecology Islet, and the waterfront scenic zone. Waterways in Jhongdou Wetlands Park run through culverts and link to Love River. Little creatures like snowy egrets, common moorhens, gray tree pies, king fishers and fiddler crabs can be seen here.
There are several suspension bridges to allow visitors to overlook the Park from different angles and observe mangrove ecology, which is a rare scene on land. Setting off a journey in a canoe to the wetlands is another way to get to know the mangroves. After the mangrove population is fully reestablished, Kaohsiung City government plans to introduce canoes which are smaller in size, thus bringing the least impact to the wetlands. Visitors will be surrounded by mangroves. The government also plans to set up a pier beside Love River, so that visitors taking the Love Boat can change to a canoe to tour around Jhongdou Wetlands Park and enjoy the whole new experience of sailing on Love River.
After the mangrove population is fully reestablished, canoes will be introduced as wetland tour vehicles.

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