Water Purification and Flood Control
There are several water purification zones at the east and west ends of the Park. These zones preserve the original reeds; salt tolerant plants such as mat grass, bulrush and horsetail were added to the original plant population. The water in these zones is purified naturally, and due to the fact that the waterways in the Park are connected to Love River, it can indirectly improve the water quality of the River.
A number of water purification zones are established at each end of the Park.
Jhongdou Wetlands Park is covered with multiple ditches to drain the rain into the waterways.
Given its capacity of holding several tens of thousands of tons of floodwater, the Park can
accommodate the soaring water from Love River during flood seasons. Along with the revetments around the Park, Jhongdou Wetlands Park is certainly one of Kaohsiung’s critical projects which guarantee the safety of residents’ life and properties.
The park area at the northern side of Shihcyuan Road is involved as a
part of Jhongdou Wetlands Park.
Shoals of jellyfish and flocks of white herons inhabit the waterfront park at the northern side of Shihcyuan Road. Jhongdou Wetlands Park is also responsible for flood control.

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