Waterfront Scenic Zone
Jhongdou Wetlands Park is a near-natural scenic spot created by the Kaohsiung City government in the downtown area. In compliance with the principle of returning to and respecting nature, the government tried to reduce the use of materials such as reinforced concrete. Additionally, water-proof floor lamps with low illumination are used across the Park
to protect the natural habitats. The Central Ecological Islet does not even have any lighting.
The pavilion faces toward Shoushan and the ecological pond, allowing visitors to enjoy the rare relaxation and pleasure.
The materials used for the landscaping in the Park are drift wood and stones recovered after the 2009 Typhoon Morakot disaster, and aboriginal residents living in the affected areas were hired to participate in the construction of the urban pure land where people can enjoy the view of the sunset and Shoushan.
The two boulders are in fact exclusively-chosen and well-designed
stone chairs.
The tree houses built with driftwood and thatch create a relaxing atmosphere. The Park maintains a number of precious old trees.

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