Creating Values for its Citizens – A City of Happiness and Health
Covering an area of 12.6 hectares, Jhongdou Wetlands Park is one of the major construction projects planned by the Kaohsiung City government.In spite of its location amid a highly-developed city with heavy traffic and dense population, the Kaohsiung City government tried to restore this mangrove forest wetland ecology,whose history dates back to the Old Kaohsiung Era of over half a century ago. Contemporaneously, the government also tried to preserve the history of Kaohsiung's industrial development and included nearby proposed school sites in the overall consideration for construction in order to find a balance in which nature and humanity could co-exist.

The construction of Jhongdou Wetlands Park marks the beginning of improvement in the overall value of the region. This project presents a solution to the environmental problems troubling citizens for over 4 decades. In addition, it connects the waterfront green spaces along the Love River to form a network of ecological wetland corridors. Because of this construction project, in addition to the recent opening of the 30-meter parkway and the Jhongdou Vision Bridge, it will not be long until the region experiences a new prosperity. It will also create a greater quality of life for Kaohsiung, a city listed in the World's Top 100 Ecological Cities for 2010.
A Pulse of Life Interwoven with Water and Green Space
Water and Green Space - Blue water systems and ecological green networks have always been at the core of Kaohsiung's construction projects. Jhongdou Wetlands Park systematically collects, conserves and reestablishes Taiwan's wetland plants. It also restores Kaohsiung's littoral forests, repairs the city's environmental system, and serves the functions of ecological education, bio-diversity conservation, homeland protection, flood control, and leisure.

Because of these efforts, the Jhongdou Wetlands Park won the 2010 FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards, an international recognition that Kaohsiung City government's cares about building an ecologically sustainable, happy and healthy city.

There are currently a total of 18 national - and local-grade wetlands under the jurisdiction of Kaohsiung City. The realization of Jhongdou Wetlands Park completes Kaohsiung's wetlands network and enriches the city's biota, allowing citizens to recover the most natural sensation of life in a city interwoven by water and green space.

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